Why you should care about IEQ Algorithms

How do you decide if your indoor environment quality is good or bad? Is it possible to quantify the quality of your indoor environment? More precisely, how do you reduce all the things that make up the quality of your environment into a single number? The answer: Calculate your Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) metric! This number is calculated by taking all the different inputs that make up your environment, (noise, natural lighting conditions, air pollutants, temperature, humidity etc) and then by using a statistical methodology produces a single number, called the IEQ metric, which is a measure of how good or bad your indoor environment is. The methodology to compute this number is called an IEQ algorithm.

What are the benefits of a good IEQ algorithm?
The most obvious benefit of a good IEQ algorithm is a healthier living environment through greater awareness and control of your environment. However, there are financial benefits as well, such as reduced energy consumption. In addition extensive research has shown that optimal IEQ greatly improves worker productivity and reduces absenteeism. In an upcoming post I will explore this in more detail.

What Kind of IEQ Research Does Aretas Do?
The last few years has seen an explosion of IEQ research, from both the academic side, promoting better algorithms and statistical methodologies, and the commercial side, promoting better implementation and connections to energy use reduction. Aretas conducts both research and implementation of IEQ algorithms to produce metrics which more accurately correlate with comfort. The idea is to mathematically and statistically quantify the heuristic notions of "comfort", and "well-being". Aretas can also design metrics that are uniquely created for you and your needs, taking into account the unique circumstances of your own man-made indoor environment. Our products can also be customized to adjust to your own unique preferences for light, temperature, humidity, energy consumption etc.

Let us help you create a healthy environment to live and work.
For more information on how Aretas can help you create a healthy environment while at the same time reducing energy costs please contact one of our sales representatives at: [email protected]