Lumber Mill PSI Success Story

Mill stopages and shut downs are costly, estimates are between $300-$900 per minute in lost production time. This sawmill experienced line shut-downs when the pressure dropped below ~70 PSI. Many times per month, the lumber processing line was halted to unidentified issues in their pneumatic air system. 
By installing our wireless PSI monitors in key locations throughout the pressurized system. As pressure approached the 70 PSI range an alert was automatically text messaged to the on-site operations manager. The manager was then able to review the online analytics and ID which part of the system was experiencing problematic drops in pressure. This allowed the operators to modify their processes and make changes to the system to help prevent shut-downs and provide valuable data both before and after maitnance had taken place. 
By avoiding just one shut-down the mill is able to cover the cost  of the monitoring system.
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