Use my data analytics?

Once logged into your data analytics back office you can now review your data in many useful formats, setup alerts and more. If you are new to using your back office then learning to review your data and setting alerts will likely be of key interest which is what we will focus on this How To Use my data analytics lesson.

1. MAIN MAP: Your sensors at one or more locations are pinned on a scrollable topographical or satelite map.  Simply click and scroll or zoom in and out to find your monitored locations.

  • Chose Location: Start by clicking the pin at the location would would like to view.
  • Quick View Window
    1. Sensor List:
      • Get Stats: Allows you to get basic sensor information. Chose the individual sensor in the list and select 'Get Stats'. This will give you the most recent data for each sensor.
      • Chart: This will open the Sensor Charting window which will allow you to review your data on graphs by hour, day or week.
    2. Weather: This can be useful to quickly see the local weather which may affect data point for Temperature, Relative Humidity and more.
    3. Location Address: When you have multiple locations at the same facility or in the same city this will allow you to know which set of monitors you are reviewing.

2. Sensor Charting: Simple, easy to read color coded charts give you real time data at your fingertips. By default the sensor chart displays information for the last hour. You can look at each sensor individually or compair multiple sensors at once. In the example below four Temperature sensors are being compaired.

  • Show Chart Options: This is the heart of the data analytics system where you can 1. select sensors to chart 2. select charting interval (hour, day, week). Once you have selected the mix of sensors you want to compare up to 5 monitors click submit and the grahical chart will display your sensors. You can then chose the appropriate tab for Temp, RH, and other sensors in your network.
    NOTE: This is the page that is most confusing for new users, play around with the page, try different combinations, you can't hurt your system on this page, have fun with data!

There is plenty more to do and learn but the above should give you a solid working knowledge of your system. To setup alerts, manage your devices and more contact your Aretas sales rep or live chat with us now.