General FAQs

Q What kind of power does each monitor require.

A. Each monitor plugs into a standard North American 120v wall outlet. The 7.5v power adapter is about 4' long.

Q Does the monitor have to be in the same room as the bridge?

A. No. The monitor and bridge are both wireless. We have different powered radios that can cover most applications. Building type and distance will be the ultimate deciding factor to achieving good signal strength. We can have a site survey done prior to your order to ensure that we have the appropriate radios.

Q. Do I have to pay the monthly monitoring fee?

A. The monthly monitoring fee covers your 24/7 online access and email or text alerts. If you don't need those features and just want to view the stats from a computer you provide, we have a wireless USB adapter and software that you can download from our site on the features page. This option will not give you internet access to your data, email or text alerts.

Q. You have different poling intervals. Which one do I need?

A. Everyone has their own requirements when it comes to poling intervals. 2, 5, 10, and 30+ minute intervals are available. The shorter the interval, the more detailed the information.