Do I need a site survey before installation?

This can depend on many factors including the number of monitors being installed, distances between moniotrs and communication bridge and often most imporantly your budget.

A site survey by an Aretas team member or local installation vendor would require a on-stie visit which may include an per visit charge and travel costs. Please call or live chat with an Aretas team member today to help determine if a site survey is needed.

You will be happy to know that your Aretas hardware is typically easy to install. Here are a few items to note that can help decide if your location should have a site survey during installation.

  • Do you expect monitors to be mounted very far from the communication bridge?
  • Is the building where monitors will be installed likely to limit wireless communications? I.e. is the building walls made of concrete or steel?
  • Is your Internet connection setup with a firewall and if so do you have in-house IT?
  • Are you having large amounts of monitors (20>) installed in one or more buildings that may require more than one communciation bridge?

The Aretas team is hear to help advise you and make sure the installation is a stratight forward and painless process.

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