Data Security

  • Only receivers set with the same Person Area Network ID can receive sensor data from the monitors themselves.
  • IoT Gateways don't have any unnecessary ports open for possible exploitation except for a very basic web interface, which can be requested to be disabled in configuration. The Gateway can be configured at time of purchase to have SSH access opened if that is requested by client.
  • IoT Gateways are the only equipment attached to the internet. They send the data over secure SSL to the IoT Cloud.
  • Several checks are made to ensure data received by the IoT Cloud is validated to make sure it came from a valid source for the account.
  • Accounts/data can only be accessed via user/password via Aretas Web Interface, or through the API.
  • All cloud servers are secured behind a firewall.
  • No non Aretas personnel have access to any data.

Download Data Security information here >>