Access online analytics with a tablet device

For our online analytics applications Aretas uses Adobe Flex, a highly productive, application framework for building and maintaining expressive web applications. Flex has many advantages for our proprietary data analytics applications though it is not fully compatible with all smart devices.

From the Aretas website you can choose Client Login >> to access your online analytics or cut and paste this link into your tablet browser address bar

  • PC Desktop & Laptop
    You should be able to access all functionality on any updated browser such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox.
  • Tablets Device
    Tablets with larger screens are suggested if a PC is not available. If the online analytics login does not load when you navigate to the Client Login >> on your tablet then install a flash capable browser app such as Puffin Web Browser, download available below. 
  • Smartphones
    Though the Puffin Web Browser works on smartphone we have found that the screens are too small for effective use with the Aretas online analytics.

Puffin Web Browser app supports both Android and IOS devices. Note that Puffin does offer a free browser option that inserts ads or a paid ad-free version.


Browsing via smart devices using Puffin or other flash capable web browsers may feel clunky, especially scrolling down windows. Aretas continues to improve the analytics layout for smart devices on a regular basis. Please call Aretas customer service if help is needed to review analytics on the Puffin Web Browser app (877) 218-6232.