How The Aretas Solutions Work

Aretas Sensor Networks monitors and reports real-time data allowing you to make decisions from any Internet capable device world-wide. Logging accurate and timely data and presenting it in a logical and easy to use web based interface allows you to act quickly and make sound choices. You have unlimited access to review the online analytics tools and we work with you to build strategies to meet your customized goals. If any sensors report an issue you and your team can be notified by email or text message. You control where that information goes from your secure online system.

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The Application

Main Map View


  • View a list of color coded locations
  • Color codes indicate building conditions
  • Zoom into map to see more buildings and sensors
  • Click on building icon to get latest stats and local weather


Main Charting


  • Query individual sensor location data
  • Charts all available data for that sensor package
  • Multiple pre-defined intervals as well as custom ranges
  • View stats by placing mouse over line
  • Deselect sensors on chart, zoom into specific gases / metrics
  • View critical statistics for period (min, max, average, standard deviation)

Index Charting

Screenshots - Index Charting

  • Index charting provides you with an IEQ index and building rating to quickly identify issues with occupant comfort and building problems. These are the key variables to help you save money on heating and cooling costs.
  • Sophisticated building managers with access to SPL and Lux measurement can input measured basal values and determine more accurate theta indexes.
  • Mold index is also provided as a reference to determine potential mold threat conditions

Multi Sensor Charting

Screenshots - Multi Sensor Charting

  • Multi Sensor Charting allows you to compare conditions in many different locations at once to quickly identify problem areas or locations with non-standard metrics.
  • Compare any available metric from different locations (CO, CO2, Temp, Power Consumption, etc)
  • Chart at different intervals.
  • Align time series data for time zone differences (eg. to compare occupied building times)


Alerts Dashboard View



  • Configure system wide alerts
  • Apply to specific sensors or locations or ALL locations and sensors
  • Choose specific levels and thresholds
  • Choose specific sensor types (CO2, Temp, Power, etc)
  • Choose multiple recipients and message types (email / SMS)
  • View recent alerts history

Device Manager


  • Configure installed devices
  • Edit locations, descriptions and other important sensor information