Below is an overview of the monitoring hardware and explanation of how the data is collected. To the left is more specific information (starting with Main Map) of each page of the online analytics and alerts system.

Aretas Sensor Networks monitors and reports real-time, useable data. Logging accurate and timely information and presenting it in a logical and easy to use web based interface allows you to act quickly and make sound choices. You have unlimited access to review the online analytics tools and we work with you to build strategies to meet your customized goals. If any sensors report an issue you and your team can be notified by email or text message. You control where that information goes.

The monitor houses the sensors that you have selected. It communicates wirelessly with the bridge or USB adapter to get your information to your screen so that you can take action.
Choose the monitor that suits your needs. Most monitors come standard with Temperature and Relative Humidity.




The Wireless sensor platform is a modular device capable of supporting numerous sensors such as:

  •      T - Temperature 
  •      RH - Relative Humidity
  •      CO2 - Carbon Dioxide
  •      CO - Carbon Monoxide
  •      NO2 - Nitrogen Dioxide
  •      O3 - Ozone
  •      dB - Noise
  •      VOC - Volatile Organic Compounds
  •      DPA - Differential Pressure Sensors (< 1Pa sensitivity)
  •      PM - Particulates Matter and Dust
  •      TRHF - Temperature and Relative Humidity for refridgeration and freezer units
Gather Data

From the moment you plug the monitor in,  its internal sensors begin analyzing the environment and wirelessly sending data to the bridge.

Analyze & Send

The data collected by the bridge is processed and sent to one of our secure servers where is it stored and made available to you once you log in. Backups of all data are made to ensure you always have the information you need.

24/7 Access

You now have instant access to your data from any internet enabled smart device- anywhere, anytime.

It’s just that simple.

You log in using your secure username and password and you have access to all of your data at any time from anywhere.



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