Mold Index

Aretas has developed a mold growth index that is used to help companies determine if mold growth is likely in a certain areas environment. This index was developed to estimate mold growth conditions with data gathered and displayed on your Aretas online analytics dashboard. Specifically the sensors detect temperature, relative humidity and carbon dioxide to determine the probability that mold growth is possible.
The mold index is reported on a -6 to 6 scale, with zero and above indicating cause for concern.
Mold needs warm wet climates to grow so the best way to reduce the mold index is to make sure the space is well ventilated and not too hot. The scale is logarithmic meaning it is very hard to get close to -6 or 6 and a number 5 or above is very concerning as mold growth is likely. The system also works without our alert system allowing you to be notified when the mold indications rise above levels of concern. Manual mold inspections and mitigation efforts can then begin as preventative measures and not as costly reactive efforts.