Heat Index

The Heat Index is often referred to as the Humidex in Canada

Aretas has incorporated the heat index directly into its' online dashboard. Anytime the sensors detect a combined temperature of 80°F and a relative humidity of 40% or greater, it will graph the resulting Heat Index value right on your screen.

The heat index combines the air temperature and relative humidity data gathered from our wireless monitors and cross references it with the NOAA chart to determine the likelihood of heat disorder with prolonged exposure to strenuous activity.

This index is based on the human-perceived equivalent temperature or more simply, how hot it feels. A good example is when it is 92°F and the humidity is above 60%, the heat index can be 100°F at which point, fatigue is possible with prolonged exposure and activity. Continuing activity could result in heat cramps.

Heat index values were devised for shady, light wind conditions, exposure to full sunshine can increase heat index values by up to 15°F. Also, strong winds, particularly with very hot, dry air, can be extremely hazardous.



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