Indoor Air Monitoring Company Launches New Differential Pressure Monitor


Indoor Air Monitoring Company Launches New Differential Pressure Monitor

17-February-2012 Mackenzie, Canada (February 17, 2012) – Aretas Sensor Networks announces the launch of its advanced remote Differential Pressure monitor. This wireless monitor continually measures and transmits the differential pressure between a room and their adjoining spaces. It's primary uses are for monitoring health care and hospital operating rooms, isolation rooms, holding rooms, labs, clean rooms and other areas where differential pressure data is important.

Specific abilities requested by our clients that were integrated included easy mounting in a variety of locations, wireless transmission of data, ability to monitor positive or negative pressure, continually gathering and archived data for certifications, accessing data 24/7 from computers or mobile devices, ability to easily review one or multiple locations, email alert notification and useful automated analysis and display of recent data gathered.

Monitoring of differential pressure has many industrial and health care applications that help our clients better meet their needs and also to help ensure that industry standards and certifications are met. In may facilities controlling air pressure is essential to comply with standards from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), The Joint Commission (TJC), Det Norske Veritas Healthcare (DNV), the American Institute of Architects (AIA), and the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

Saving energy and reducing potential issues are two primary goals of Aretas. It has been shown that excessive positive or negative air pressure is unnecessary, wastes energy and creates conditions that are conductive for mold growth. The monitors also include the ability to track temperature and relative humidity at no additional cost which allows you to further confirm optimum conditions in monitored spaces. Payback period on the Aretas monitors is also much lower than traditional monitoring solutions.

Aretas Sensor Networks President and Director of Technology Dan Pothier took special interest in developing the differential pressure monitors into our proprietary Aretas sensor boards as it was a new challenge for the Aretas team. Aretas was formed to be flexible and as a solutions provider, finding new and better ways to monitor indoor air parameters is what we do.

Dan stated that “As a sensor manufacturer Baseline-MOCON has a large number of cleanrooms worldwide. As a partner it was great that we could provide them with a custom differential pressure monitor that met their very high standards.”.

About Aretas Sensor Networks

Aretas Sensor Networks Inc. is a Canadian company producing wireless sensor network technology that monitors environmental conditions.

The massively scalable Aretas data warehousing and analytics system is the only continuous monitoring application providing access to complex environmental metrics, statistics, alerts, strategies and trending. Aretas uses established and cutting edge sensor research and proprietary IEQ (indoor environment quality) assessment algorithms to determine occupant comfort and thermal efficiency. Aretas is a continuous improvement company.

Aretas is partnered directly with Air Innovation Resources a leading US provider of indoor air quality monitoring. We proudly develop and manufacture in North America!