Indoor Air Monitoring Company Expands Product Line with a Nitrogen Dioxide Monitor


Indoor Air Monitoring Company Releases Safety and Energy Focused Nitrogen Dioxide Monitor.
29-October-2012 Mackenzie, Canada (October 29, 2012) - With operating costs and other expenditures increasing, finding areas to increase efficacy continues to rise in importance. With their newest Nitrogen Dioxide monitor, Aretas helps to provide this needed efficiency. The Aretas wireless monitor continually measures and transmits NO2 levels in real-time with automated alerts. Real time monitoring helps you to prevent rising NO2 levels from causing costly problems. This is key because in people with asthma, exposure to low levels of NO2 may cause increased bronchial reactivity and make young children more susceptible to respiratory infections. Long-term exposure to high levels of NO2 can also lead to chronic bronchitis. Studies show a connection between breathing elevated short-term NO2 concentrations, with increased visits to emergency departments and hospital admissions for respiratory issues, especially asthma.
Real time alerts keep you on top of the safety of your workers. The primary use for this device is indoors in areas with combustion processes such as unventilated combustion appliances like gas stoves or in vented appliances with defective installations as well as a by product of welding, tobacco smoke and areas with exposure to diesel exhaust. The NO2 monitor is also designed to help you save energy like other products in the Aretas line.
The wireless monitoring solutions offered by Aretas are integrated with a wide-variety of sensors options that allow decision makers to track N02 levels before a problem arises. The NO2 monitor along with all our other monitors include temperature and relative humidity at no additional cost. These integrated sensors assist with saving energy and mold mitigation which allows you to further maintain optimum conditions in monitored spaces. These added features increase efficiency and safety. The monitor mitigates risk which saves you money.
Having a sensor that not only is continually measuring levels, but recording and wirelessly transmitting it to your desktop or mobile device, means instead of reacting to an alarm you can monitor and control the NO2 long before it gets to dangerous levels. Having this monitor working together with other products in the Aretas line gives you up to the minute indoor environment levels of your business and allows decision makers one easy streamlined solution for their monitoring needs.
About Aretas Sensor Networks
Aretas Sensor Networks Inc. is a Canadian company producing wireless sensor network technology that monitors environmental conditions.
The massively scalable Aretas data warehousing and analytics system is the only continuous monitoring application providing access to complex environmental metrics, statistics, alerts, strategies and trending. Aretas uses established and cutting edge sensor research and proprietary IEQ (indoor environmental quality) assessment algorithms to determine occupant comfort and thermal efficiency. Aretas is a continuous improvement company.
Aretas is partnered directly with Air Innovation Resources a leading US provider of indoor air quality monitoring. We proudly develop and manufacture in North America!