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Hotels, Selling The Experience

It occurred to me when staying at a hotel recently, that I never gave consideration to hotel indoor air quality. I instead, swayed by the potential for entertainment, chose a hotel based on its services and amenities. I reviewed the hotel online and asked friends that had stayed there about their experience and in retrospect, was given quite accurate information. The hotel indoor environment was sub-par but the amenities were second to none for the area.

Odor, mold and stuffy air are not things we often first consider when booking a hotel room. Price, location and amenities are usually our foremost concern. We don’t tend to ask questions about the quality of a hotel's indoor air environmental quality before we book our overnight stay.

Today, indoor air monitoring is critical to the long term success of hotels. Aretas has a solution!

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However, one survey* suggests that more than 68% of frequent travelers are concerned with the air quality in hotels. Stuffiness and odors were the most frequent issues reported. A quick search of online hotel review sites confirms that indoor air is in fact a relevant issue. With the increase of online social media, personal experiences for hotel reviews are made readily available for anyone looking to book a room.  

Hotel Indoor Air Quality review

With such a large percentage of our time spent indoors, the hotel indoor environment should be the primary focus. Energy savings and efficiency is key to reducing costs but creating a quality environment for all activities in and around the hotels is essential to customer satisfaction and overall experience. Essentially, “The experience” is what hotels are trying to sell.


A growing population of “Green” travelers are opting for hotels that focus on providing healthy indoor environments. “More than half of frequent travelers surveyed say they would become loyal customers of hotels that provide advanced in-room air filtration to minimize allergens, dust and odors.”


Beyond poor reviews, the consequences of inadequate indoor air quality due to a lack of knowledge or poor control are found not only in the people but also in the physical materials that exist within the hotel.

  • Increased building energy and maintenance costs

  • Reduction in employee’s health and guest’s health

  • Warped doors and windows

  • Less efficient heating

  • Respiratory issues

  • Polished surfaces become dull

  • Wooden furniture and fittings damage.

  • Increase in mold spores

Aretas has real time, wireless and continuous monitoring that can provide facility managers with the information needed to make immediate decisions. Data can be reviewed and action can be taken from anywhere an internet connection exists. Alerts can be set to notify key people when the indoor environment changes beyond the set parameters so to ensure guests have the optimal indoor air environment.

Aretas is committed to helping you sell your hotels experience.

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