The Problem with Energy Consumption Monitoring

Energy Consumption Monitoring has become a hot topic lately, with many innovative companies (Current Cost, Pulse Energy, Google Power Meter) springing out of the woodwork offering various types of continuous energy consumption monitoring. Some companies offer a clamp on device that you put on your power mains and a remote monitor that shows power consumption data. Others integrate directly with "smart meters".

All of the various types of energy monitoring systems take periodic, instantaneous snapshots of energy usage, then offer time series charts displaying consumption information.

While this information can be useful, it is difficult if not impossible to make intelligent energy reduction decisions for large buildings or MDUs based on simple consumption data.

Aretas however, provides useful IEQ statistics, metrics and analytics that provide building managers and residential owners the data they need to reduce energy consumption but still maintain comfortable building conditions and air quality.

For instance, our continuous building rating metric / IEQ index and back-testing algorithms can show building managers how they can reduce energy consumption and heating costs but still maintain comfortable indoor building conditions.

With the Aretas metrics and continuous energy consumption monitoring, building managers can make far more intelligent decisions about IEQ and energy savings and dramatically reduce energy costs and reduce carbon emissions.