Beta Indexes

Aretas' indexes are developed and used to provide accurate and useable information for our clients. We utilize existing information as well as develop our own industry leading standards for recording these indexes. Index information is presented in easy to understand graphs which you can set to review up-to-the-minute or archived date in the past by hour, day, week or custom date range.

To add to our exisiting Heat Index and Mold Index we are developing useful indexes to meet our client needs. Contact an Aretas rep today for a free live demo of any indexes or to review you specific needs!

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Building Rating Index

Optimum working temperatures, potential cost savings.

This index uses temperature, relative humidity and carbon dioxide to rate your buildings indoor environmental quality (IEQ) and comfort level of occupants.

  • The building rating is rated on 1 to 5 stars
  • ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2010, Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality, specifies minimum ventilation rates and other measures intended to provide indoor air quality that is acceptable to occupants and that minimizes adverse health effects.
  • Closely correlated with the PPD (percent of people dissatisfied with indoor comfort levels.

Cigarette Smoke Index

The Aretas team is in development of a cigarette smoke index to display level graphically on our online analytics system.

Utilizing our robust sensor mix including carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and particulate sensors, we will be able to determine the exposure levels for tobacco smoke. This proprietary cigarette smoke Index will also allow setting baseline exposure and alert during high exposure periods. The Smoke Index will also allow clients to verify their filtration systems are working properly; reducing smoke while tracking ozone treatment. Potential clients are casinos, restaurants, clubs and public places in which cigarette smoking is still permitted.