4-20 mA Industrial Thermostat Controller

Our 4-20mA wireless thermostat controller directly integrates with your HVAC system. Combined with our 4-20mA wireless industrial control unit and a communication bridge, customers can view the output from almost any 4-20mA device online in the Aretas Reporting and Control application. Using the Aretas system, you can set alerts, strategies, thresholds, view historical data and watch numerous locations and monitors at once.

Additional 4-20 mA wireless industrial sensors include:

  • High pressure air system monitoring (from 0-100inWC to 0-5000 PSI)
  • Ultrasonic proximity detection
  • Flow metering
  • Tank level sensors, level sensing, float level, etc
  • Air velocity measurement / air flow measurement

Using the 4-20mA bridge unit from Aretas, you can breathe new life into existing infrastructure and capitalize on the abundance of high quality industrial 4-20mA sensors already on the market. Coupled with the Aretas Control System you can also take inputs from 4-20mA systems and control 3 output channels on a separate controller board.

Real time data can also be viewed locally from a PC with the Aretas real time reporting software. Optional monochromatic LED displays are also available for viewing instantaneous data on the 4-20mA unit. Currently, two 4-20mA devices are supported per unit. 10 channel, ultra high precision units are also available for custom order.

Aretas also offers a wide range of monitoring options which can seamlessly integrate together to satisfy your unique needs such as temperature, relative humidity, CO, NO2, Light, Pressure and more.

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The 4-20 mA current loop is a standard in today's industrial process monitoring systems. There are many advantages of using a 4-20 mA current loop such as:

  • No external power sources needed (uses internal 24 VAC from HVAC system)
  • Multiple channel remote controller – up to three channels for control of heating, cooling, and air ventilation)
  • Automatically switching between heating and cooling
  • Optional addition of environmental data such as Relative Humidity, and other useful data
  • Fuse protection of device from power surges and spikes
  • Emergency shut-off switches and status indicators for every channel

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