Aretas Wireless Radiation Sensor

We've been testing the new Aretas Wireless Radiation sensor in Mackenzie BC which is in Northern Canada. We have been performing radiation detection and measurement testing indoor and outdoor ambient levels and doing spot tests throughout the area. Aretas's new sensor primarily detects beta, gamma and x-rays (some sensitivity to alpha sources has also been tested, but is not offered at this time). The general detector sensitivity is 5.9 cpm/╬╝Sv/h. The sensor also features internal temperature compensation and linear response over a wide temperature range (-30C to +50C).


This chart demonstrates a recent outdoor ambient test over 24hrs, with the interval preceded and concluded with exposure to a test source (as evidenced by the increased measured levels).


This chart shows the capability of combined sensors (T+RH+Rad) in one unit, including radiation detection.

The applications for fixed / portable wireless radiation monitoring are nearly limitless. Since data is available on a near real-time basis it's easy to create wide-area analyses of radiation levels when coupled with geographical data and the addition of time series data (see how radiation levels change over time). This type of data can provide numerous dimensions to data analysis.

Utilizing the the Aretas Monitoring Software, users can also set thresholds and alerts when any of the monitors exceed an acceptable threshold (or even if they drop below a certain threshold). If a certain station exceeds a threshold set in the software, the system can generate an email, sms or phone call and will also notify users in the control panel by turning pins red on a map and showing an alert status in the dashboard. Read more about our radiation monitoring system here >>

Some applications for this technology include:

  • Fixed radiation monitors for nuclear safeguards and public reporting
  • Nuclear safety
  • Fixed station gamma detectors for detection of illicit material
  • Portable battery powered monitoring for deployment into high hazard areas
  • Medical environment monitoring
  • Perimeter monitoring
  • and more.

Time series data is also exportable to your own custom application and the data warehoused information is also available via our web based API for integration into custom web services or applications.

We are also finishing initial development of a drone helicopter radiation detection system, checkout more about Aretas Aerial here >>

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